About Us

Foodies is a website powered by Byond Eclat. It is a lifestyle website that mostly revolves around foods and is centered in using English as its main language. It was created on 19th May 2017 by Amirin Arsyan and also Amirrul Rizwan. We consider this website as a platform for us to write and give our honest opinions. Other than that, its just a place for us to have fun and share information to everyone.

A bit about both of the creator, amirrul is currently working as a system analyst at a company in Cyberjaya, originally from Sarawak, he is a jack of all trade, master of none. Amirin, works as a Public Relations Executive in a company located at damansara, he is also from Sarawak and he is also a jack of all trade but Master of all. Both of them has 20 years of combined experience in event management, facilitating, advisory roles, and also a comprehensive mastery in foods (because they eat a lot, LOL, jk). The both of them does not have any experience in food reviews but they like to eat so they want to share what they feel to others. So follow us on our journey as we travel across Malaysia and beyond!

Mr Amirrul & Mr Amirin having fun

*If anyone wants to contribute their article, please feel free to contact us and submit your article, we don’t give money because we’re poor (according to the standard of living in KL, and of course it’s not a Doa, we pray that we will be rich, but not just in monetary but also in deeds, friendships etc)

*As a disclaimer, everything that we write is based on what we think, there is no bias and certainly even if we were paid we will still give an honest review of what we eat.