House of Kambing!

Hi Guys, and welcome back to our food review journey! Today I’ll be reviewing the grilled lamb served by the House of Kambing!

The House of Kambing is located at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). They specialise in various grilled food especially lambs (as shown on their name). For this review, I will only be reviewing the lamb, so it will be a short write up.

There are other non lamb or grilled foods that they serve here

So lets start reviewing, we ordered the “Grill out” Platter which is enough for 4 – 5 people, it consists of grilled lamb, grilled camel or chicken (we had the chicken because they were out of camel) and five sets of steamed rice. We were pretty excited to eat at the House of Kambing because lambs are our favourite type of meat, best eaten grilled! So when we had the opportunity to eat at House of Kambing, we jumped to the occasion and we were not disappointed!

Look at that beauty!

As you can see, the grilled lamb is plentiful, 5 to 6 people could share this dish together and still have some leftover. The lamb is grilled to perfection, the seasoning is delicious, the marinade has penetrated the meat thoroughly making the dish desirable. To review this is almost impossible because it is simply delicious! Trust me on this, I’ve eaten a lot of grilled lamb in my life and this is at the top of my best grilled lamb list! It is a simple dish, with some cucumber, and cabbage. The chicken (sadly, we were to excited to eat the lamb, we forgot to take pictures of the chicken) is delicious, it uses the same marinade as the lamb, so the taste is similar but people come here for the lamb! Other than that, the grilled lamb is perfect in my book! I suggest those who loves to eat grilled lamb, do come to the House of Kambing, one of the best place to eat lamb in Malaysia!

Well, that’s all folks, see you later in our next food adventure!



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