Professor Cendol!

Hi Guys, we meet again in another food adventure brought to you by Foodies!

Before we start, I would like to apologise for the lack of content and update on our website. We are trying our best to provide to you the best food review and experience but the past couple of month, both me and apai salai had been busy with personal matters (apai salai have been busy making MaGIC back in Sarawak! He’s a Magician now!). But rejoice, because we are back! So without further ado, lets begin our review!

Today, I’ll be reviewing foods from Professor Cendol. After a bit of research, it turns out Professor Cendol has many branches in Malaysia! According to their website, there are around 27 branches across peninsular Malaysia (for more info about their franchising, please visit their website). The one I will be reviewing is located at U15 Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor (it’s between UiTM Puncak Perdana & UiTM Puncak Alam).

As for the menu, I forgot to snap a picture at the restaurant, so the image I obtained from the website as below should suffice as to what type of foods they serve here. I went ahead and ordered the Rojak Passembor, cendol biasa and a cendol durian.

The menu at Professor Cendol

Lets start with the Rojak Passembur first, as a avid lover of rojak, the only thing I have never eaten is a genuine Rojak Passembur from Penang. So I don’t have a proper benchmark for this one. But what I can comment is, I’ve tasted better rojak before. I’d rate this one as 2.4/5 mostly because, the peanut sauce is not that delicious and there’s a hint taste of sourness in the peanut sauce maybe because they added some lime juice. As mentioned before, I’ve never eaten any other Passembur so I don’t know what it taste like so I’m not sure if it should taste like that. But, nonetheless, it’s a comfort food that is best enjoyed in the evening such as the day we visited the restaurant. So I recommend you guys to taste it and tell me what you think about it.

Rojak Passembur Professor Cendol

Up next is the main event, the cendol themselves. I ordered the cendol durian for myself and my date for the day, ordered the cendol biasa. I mean both of them tasted the same, the only difference is my cendol has a durian in it. So lets review them both starting with the Cendol Biasa!

The Cendol, of course has the same ingredients as other cendols you ever eaten in your live. Nothing to comment except that the Santan or Coconut Milk is too overpowering that the sweetness of the Gula Melaka Syrup (I presume they are using Gula Melaka). Other than that, it was quite nice especially during hot seasons. As for the Cendol Durian, it has an additional sweet taste of a durian but they only gave me a piece of durian or seulas durian only. I’m not sure what type of durian it was, but I felt that it was quite small, and there wasn’t enough durian flesh for me to be satisfied. However, since it’s not too expensive, I’ll give it pass. As a side note, people who dine in and buy their cendol can refill it for free as many times as you want, but you cannot share a bowl of cendol for two people if you want to refill.

Cendol Biasa Professor Cendol

Cendol Durian Professor Cendol

Overall, it was quite a pleasant meal. I recommend you guys to go, just to test it out, whether it suites your taste palate. Not the best cendol in the world but hey, he’s a Professor! Till next time!



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