Samarindah’s Favorite, Burger O Myy

Mentioning about Samarindah, as a typical Kuchingite, it comes to mind, “Oh my, that is far!”. Nevertheless, we went to this home-based burger restaurant, called Burger O Myy. What’s with the name? But if you are a frequent flyer, you will know that MYY stands for Miri. So it turned out the owner is from Miri and has residing in Kota Samarahan for many years.

Back to our main topic of why it is Samarindah’s favorite, it’s because they serve good quality western foods. Yes, they have variety of burgers, chicken chop, lamb chop, fries and even mashed potatoes. Let us rate some of the menu served here.

Double Delight Burger (Beef) with Fries set
Double Beef patty

Layered with double beef patty, with cheese in between and on top, and YES, it was so mouthful. Mix with mayonnaise and chili sauce and cabbage, the taste was so juicy. Not to mention when we dipped the fries into the chili sauce, its salty fries tasted just nice with the burger.

Lamb Chop with Rice

Now, where would you find double lamb slices anywhere in Kuching? Never ! Here they served double slices of lamb, coupled together with steamed rice and black pepper dip sauce. Quite rare but yes, the way they do the food presentation is always their priority.

We love the baked beans

See the baked beans, it was never a complete set of western without it. It’s Malaysian style enjoying the best from the west.

Chicken Chop with Fries

Although the lamb chop and the beef burger are nice, you can’t just resist the good old Chicken Chop served with Fries. It’s everyone’s favourite dish. Arranged simply with fries and chicken breast, the menu was served with its signature black pepper sauce. And the coleslaw looks fresh! Yes, the chicken was very juicy, we can vouch that for you.

Take this guy for example, he really enjoy his double delight.

Moving on, we are surprised when the drinks arrived. It was Jumbo Glass! Do ask for the type of glass before ordering your drinks.

From left: Ice Blended Choc Oreo and Vanilla Oreo

Judging from the price tag, it sure worth it. Especially those who come with empty stomach. You can eat all you want, but recommended one menu is more than enough.

Last but not least, they sure knows how to pick the tagline, Let it melt into your mouth, and it sure did.

Visit their Facebook page Burger O Myy or call +60 16-649 4901 for reservation.

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