MZ D’Patin Garden

Hi Guys, we meet again in another food review adventure!

This time, my food review adventure brings me to MZ D’Patin Garden, a restaurant located at Pingiran Putrajaya, they serves a host of different traditional Malay cuisine and their signature dish is of course as stated at the name, Ikan Patin masak tempoyak. On that note, lets begin the food review with Ikan Patin masak tempoyak.

Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak

I don’t really have much experience with eating ikan patin so I’ll review it accordingly. The dish was very delicious and the fish was sweet, tasty, and has a complex and fresh taste, it just hit’s you with a range of flavour in the mouth. The soup was a bit runny but I liked it, and the tempoyak was presence in the soup. This was my favourite dish of the night simply because it was very-very delicious that I ignored other dishes that was served. (trust me, you should try it, the best Ikan Patin Tempoyak I’ve tasted! bravo to the chef!)

Prawn sambal

We were also served with prawn sambal, it wasn’t to spicy and you can taste the freshness of the prawn. The prawn was sweet and the sambal was spicy so it was a good combination.

Siput sedut masak lemak cili padi

There’s a funny story about this dish, before I went to the restaurant, my friend (wek) and I was watching a video in facebook that teaches how to cook Siput sedut masak lemak cili padi. Both of us was very hungry at the moment and both of us wished that we could eat the dish and soon enough when we went to MZ D’Patin Garden restaurant, they served us with that dish! (Doa di bulan puasa mudah dimakbulkan, Alhamdulillah). So the soup was not to spicy, and I also love eating siput sedut. Not much for me to explain to you guys except to go here and taste it for yourself!

For the rest of the dish, I won’t go into depth because I just ate a bit out of each dish because I was to focused on the Ikan Patin (trust me, you wont be disappointed, I can’t wait to go there again next week just to eat the patin!) But let me tell you, all of the dishes is very delicious, and is worth your money!

Gulai Ketam

Daging gulai kawah

Ayam kampung goreng


If you love eating ikan patin then MZ D’Patin Garden is the place you need to go! Till next time guys!



They have buffet ramadhan guys!

The restaurant is surrounded with tree’s and pond’s


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