The Wonders of Perrier

Greetings from Apai Salai !

We are sure everyone has heard of Perrier, the expensive mineral water. At least, that is our first impression on the brand. However, there is more to the brand, not to mention when enjoyed with other delicious meals.

We managed to join the Perrier Trade Training, but to us it’s more like a Perrier Party with foods and different taste of Perrier drinks.

Originated from the heart of a protected natural environment, the unique spring is located in Vergeze, France. Perrier is a 100% natural sparkling mineral water that has made its presence throughout 140 countries around the globe with the capacity to produce 1 Billion bottles a year. Another unique fact about Perrier is the bottling process done in a glass factory just on top the spring itself.

Perrier in newly designed bottles

As a natural sparkling mineral water, Perrier maintains its exclusivity based on the regional market needs. For example, they rolled out the lime and lemon flavors in addition to the original natural taste. For those are always on the go, aluminum cans Perrier is sure to come in handy. Really make sense to our Malaysian culture, grab and go.

Perrier’s Flavor Line-up

Here’s Mathieu Marchal, a french guy and also Perrier’s spokeperson around the globe.

Perrier Ambassador, Mathieu Marchal

Staying true as the Ultimate Refreshment, Perrier is safe to consume throughout the day regardless anything. After all, it is just a mineral water with very low contents of bicarbonate and sodium. So it is perfectly safe to drink and having the bubbles inside to quench the thirst. On the other note, it do release our body gas through continuous farts. Sorry about that.

the Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Now let us review the foods during the event. Well, we got a taste of olive, tomato and feta skewer. What is this combination ? An honest review, the taste is bad for our Asian tougue. So we give 1 out of 5. Really, the taste not that good. They really need to craft the taste more than just the looks.

Olive, Tomato & Feta Skewer

Oh well, this is a nice one. Smoked salmon in mini tartlet. It is a salmon filled into a tart. It sure taste better as a sushi. I got to give the chef 3 out 5 for this. We can feel the fresh salmons when eaten.

Smoked Salmon in Mini Tartlet

We think everyone is agree when we said the chicken menu is the best. Breaded chicken fillet with lemon. You can feel the chicken with minimal lemon. Cut into small consumable portion, when sticked like a satay, we really enjoy the chicken. We give 5 out of 5.

Breaded Chicken Fillet with Lemon

Oh hi there ladies. Kudos to these three for serving the foods throughout the party. Hello on the left !

The highlight is Kelvin Lee, a mixologist. We think he is quite popular among the Malaysians who visit the clubs and bars in Kuala Lumpur. Here is one of his creation, the Perrier Merry Berry. A combination of fresh lemon juice, mix berry syrup, honey and Perrier. Don’t worry it’s ‘HALAL’. No alcohols added.

Perrier Merry Berry

Perrier also introduces other mixology line-up beverages such as Perrier Garden Twist Perrier Sangria, Perrier Jack Gold Line and Jack & Rosella. Regardless of the time or day, you will be welcomed by the many possibilities to make every ordinary drink an extraordinary moment.

Perrier Mixology Features by Kelvin Lee

Perrier is available to anyone, anywhere who seeks quality, prestige and a sense of royal taste. It suits anyone who values taste and gives the opportunity for artistic creativity to flourish.

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