Nasi Aruk Cornbeef at Dapur Sarawak Shah Alam

Greetings from Apai Salai !

For most Sarawakian, especially those residing in Kuching back home, the dish was like a blast from the past.

I remember growing up seeing my mom cooked the dish Nasi Aruk Cornbeef (Cornbeef Fried Rice), using the then Greatwall Cornbeef as the main ingredient, one of the best home-cooked menu.

It’s a simple menu, plain rice fried together with cornbeef, and served with fried egg (telur mata), a bowl of soup and ‘sambal’. Simple menu for simple life. The taste was great, a bit salty, but meets the tastebud.

Presenting the dish here at Dapur Sarawak Shah Alam, the locals can enjoy variety of Sarawak local menu ranging from the famous Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa (recommended by the American Chef Anthony Bourdain), to Shrimp Mee (Mi Belacan).

Dapur Sarawak started at Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, and now branched out to Shah Alam to serve the best of Sarawak dishes.

Nasi Aruk Cornbeef served at Dapur Sarawak

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