The Venue Shah Alam, Ramadhan Buffet Preview

Hi Guys,

Good day and welcome to our first food review!

Last night (19/05/17), we were invited to The Venue Shah Alam for a Ramadhan Buffet Preview. A total of 8 person consisting of my friends and I attended the event.

The invitation and itinerary of the event

The event started off with a welcoming speech by the Founder of The Venue Shah Alam, she told us the story of how she got the inspiration to create the the The Venue.

On the left, the founder of The Venue, on the right The Emcee (honestly, he was not a bad emcee but he could have made it more fun)

After her welcoming speech, we proceeded with the Buffet Preview. Honestly, we forgot to get the pictures of the food buffets simply because there was too many people, and the buffet has only one station making it hard to take good pictures.

I think, next time if The Venue would like to make an event such as this, please make sure that there is enough space for people to take the food without having to queue up in a long line. Okay, lets proceed to the menu item, there were a lot of food selection and all of them looked delicious! Bellow was the list of the food item:

  1. Will be updated (i forgot actually, need to get the info from my friends who also went to the event, LOL)

I was only able to eat the Kueh Tiaw Goreng, BBQ Chicken, and curry chicken. Other than that some Malay traditional cakes was also served. From my opinion, the Kueh Tiaw Goreng was not attractive looking (it looked a bit pale for me) but I must say, it was delicious! (never judge a book by its cover). The taste was on spot, and I liked it very much. The BBQ chicken looked very good and of course, it tasted heavenly! All the taste were there, the smoky BBQ taste, the marinate penetrated deep into the chicken meat (maybe because they marinated it for a long time) making it irresistible and of course, finger licking good! The chicken curry was okay, not the best but also not that bad, I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


Kueh tiaw goreng (looked pale but is delicious), BBQ Chicken (Heavenly!), curry chicken.

Next is the tradisional malay cakes, I literally don’t know the name of some of the foods because I’m bad at remembering the name of foods. But all in all everything tasted good, my favorite was kuih seri muka because it tasted good! (actually I don’t know how to comment on the specific taste but trust me when I say its delicious).

The malay tradisional cakes and something else I don’t know.

During the Food Review, there was a fashion show happening, the baju kurung that the model wore was beautiful and I liked the colour used. Since this is a Food and Event review I will not be commenting more on the fashion show. (Feast your eyes on these beautiful models and their baju kurung)

Next was the lucky draw, it consisted of prices ranging from hampers to gift vouchers up to RM10, 000 (Although I speak for most of us, when they mentioned the RM10, 000 worth of money, they did now clarify that it was a voucher for wedding packages, so a lot of them expected that there would be real money so next time it’s better to clarify what type of a gift so that it will not get people hopes up and make them disappointed). Sadly, I didn’t win anything, SAD!

For me the best thing about the event last night was the second emcee (the father of The Venue founder), he was hilarious, honest and a better emcee than the first one (sorry mate). I think he was the star of the night, he was able to make people laugh, participate and overall a very good talker. All in all, from my opinion the location of The Venue is a bit secluded but it wasn’t hard to find (just use google maps), the interior is very nice, clean and simple, it was spacious, the toilet was clean, no parking space but it’s easy to park cars (since it’s located at an industrial place, there were no traffic at night making it easy to park at the side of the road) and it was a good experience for all of us.

In a nutshell, it was fun, the food was delicious, and I highly recommend people to use their services!

Thank you.


Additional pictures from last nights event:

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