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Hi guys and salam Ramadhan to all Muslims in Malaysia and the whole world.

Today I will be reviewing the Javian Kitchen Restaurant, it’s located at Sri Kembangan. To find this place, just google Javian Kitchen, the landmark is a Giant supermarket right next to it. It’s a restaurant that serves traditional and exotic foods from the Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak). Being a Sarawakian myself, I was excited to break my fasting here. One of the main reason why I was excited, is because they serve Umai, a traditional dish that’s synonymous with the Melanau race in Sarawak. But first let me review the Manok Pansuh (Ayam Pansuh) first.

Manok Pansuh

It’s also one of the traditional food of an ethnic group in sarawak, specifically the Iban race (also known as the head hunters). It’s a chicken soup cooked in a bamboo! (well that’s the traditional method, since we live in the city, they have to cook it in a wok). But nonetheless, it was delicious. The soup wasn’t to thick and was on point with the seasoning. The taste of veggies was infused with the chicken and the soup. The chicken was succulent, there is no words to explain. You just have to taste it for yourself to understand the complexity of the taste!

Umai Ikan

Next is Umai, one of my favourite dishes in the world (I’m melanau so this dish is very close to my heart and stomach). It’s made out of raw river fish (I’m not quite sure what the name of the fish is), and is drench in lime juice and a mixture of raw onion, gingers, and some chilies to give up a spicy taste. The raw fish is “cooked” when it’s in contact with the acidic lime juice. There are various variation to Umai such as Jellyfish Umai, Shrimp Umai, Squid Umai to name a few. All of which are raw, some call it the sushi of sarawak. It’s has a complex taste because of the various raw materials used. This one in particular was a bit sour maybe because of too many Lime juice but I still loved the taste. It’s best eaten with hot rice which will bring out an intense flavour in the mouth! Even in Sarawak, it’s hard to find Umai sold in restaurant, most of them are sold at Mukah, a small town in sarawak where the population mainly consist of Melanau. Mukah is a town near to the sea thus fresh fish is easily available there, Umai is usually prepared at the fish market place where freshly caught fish is immediately prepared into Umai upon the customers request. For those who has never tasted Umai, I urge you to go to Javian Kitchen and taste for yourself what I consider one of the best dishes in the world!

I forgot what the name of both these dishes.

Next is the veggies, we were served with two dishes which I forgot the name hence I will only review the taste of one of them because I only ate one of them. It was delicious (I can’t comment any further because I don’t know how to express the taste, just come here and taste it on your own).

All in all, it was a value for money meal. It reminded me of being back home in sarawak, eating dinner with my family (of course my Mom’s cooking is far more superior!). I urge those who has never eaten any dishes from sarawak, do come to Javian Kitchen at Sri Kembangan, you will not be disappointed!

Thank You!


I went with wek and apai salai to Javian Kitchen to break of fast.

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