Al – Rawsha Restaurant, Shah Alam!

Hi Guys,

We meet again, a few days ago I went to Al – Rawsha Restaurant at Shah Alam to attend our faculties Postgraduate Appreciation Dinner. Al – Rawsha Restaurant serves arabic foods and other middle east styled menu’s (I think so, first time going here, and of course the food is free so I didn’t get a look at the menu).

As you can see, there’s a lot of food on the table.

So let’s get it started with the menu item, there were a number of foods that I dont even know how to pronounce, of course the main attraction was the Lamb Nasi Arab (maybe that’s the name?), other than that we have naan, Chicken Nasi Arab, and others (sorry I really don’t know the name, forgive me for my shortcomings) but I will be honest when I review the taste of the foods (trust me).

Food from heaven, the Lamb Nasi Arab

I guess, I’ll review the Lamb Nasi Arab and also the chicken nasi arab first. The rice of course tasted the same, it was delicious, cooked to perfection, no negative comments from me. I trully enjoyed it’s taste. Meanwhile, the chicken was quite okay, it was juicy, not to tender, but full of flavour. The main star was the lamb, oh my God, when I say it’s delicious, trust me, you have to try it out. It simply melts in the mouth when you eat it, the taste of the lamb was not washed away by herbs or any other marinates. The full flavour of the lamb hits you in the mouth when you eat it. It was simply the most beautiful thing I’ve eaten that night.

I think it’s a chicken and lamb satay, but I don’t really know.

Next is a sort of lamb and chicken fillet or satay? It tasted a bit different, maybe because of it’s marinate but all in all the combination of both the lamb and the chicken with the thoom? (I just googled Arabic mayonnaise and that’s the name that came out, it looks just like mayo but tasted very different, more of a garlic taste) was just perfect. It was a very delicious combo and a good way to start a meal or just as a snack for when you want a light food (if you consider lamb as a light food).

That’s the salsa at the bottom

Other than that, I was very satisfied with the food especially the salsa (because I’ve grown to love the taste of salsa). However, the one thing I did not like was the juice that they served, I think it was a guava juice but I really don’t know. The colour was pink for God sake, but it was not Sirap Bandung! But all in all it’s free food and I was very satisfied (one of the more reason is because they served an arabic mint tea at the end of the dinner, so I’m very happy with it). Tune in for another food review guys, later this week and do like, and share our facebook post!

Till next time. Thanks.


Additional photos from the dinner:

I attended the Dinner with my only classmate, Mr Sharifudin (or should I say sherifudin)

I don’t know what this is.

This is naan

And finally, seriously guys, I don’t have a clue what this is and I don’t really like it’s taste.

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