Perantau Hill, Bangi

Hi Guys, we meet again.

This time (20th May 2017) our team went to Bangi to visit a dear friend of ours, so we decided to find a good place to eat  and make a food review there.

We choose to eat at Perantau Hill, because we (actually I) was attracted with the sign board that says Tom Yam Kelapa Muda. So we decided to eat there. It was a very spacious restaurant equipped with its own small dinning hall for private gathering.

The environment of the restaurant itself was more of a family oriented place because all the tables were big, and there was an area where you can sit on the floor (to have an authentic malay traditional feel). When it came to ordering the food we choose a variety set of food:

  1. Tom Yam Kelapa Muda (of course)
  2. Ikan Siakap masak masam manis (if I’m not mistaken)
  3. Sate Daging
  4. Sayur Kailan Ikan Masin

So lets start by reviewing the Tom Yam Kelapa Muda. It was served in a coconut fruit and can accommodate up to 3 or more people (depending on how you eat, we were able to share with 5 people’s last night). Let me tell you that it was a delicious dish, it’s not too overpowering with the coconut milk, and not too spicy (but there is a node of spiciness at the end of the throat). It was a seafood tom yam with a handsome amount of prawn (small), sotong (I don’t know its name in english), some onion and so on. It was one of my favorite dishes last night.

The next dish was ikan siakap masak masam manis. The sauce was delicious, it was not to sour and not to sweet. Just the right combination plus the fish is still fresh making the dish a must eat when you go here. Both the tom yam and ikan siakap is the perfect combination of a dinnner meal. The price of fish varies, it depends on the weight + market price.

Lastly, we’ll review the satay. We had both chicken and beef satay but the star of the night was the beef satay (the chicken satay was ok, not the best, 3/5). The meat was succulent, juicy and it tasted meaty (well the taste of beef was still present, sometimes people tend to mask the taste with a lot of herbs). The gravy was also good but not the best I’ve eaten. All in all the satay was good.

Last night (20 May 2017) was so much fun, we laughed together, had fun and the most important thing is we ate like a family. That is what I think made this much more better and you should try it also (do note that the service is a bit slow but still ok). Until next time.

Thank you.


Amirin, Wek, Puyol, Hidayat, Amirrul & Zul

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